A lot of couples want to stick with the same general theme throughout all their wedding documents, This may be similar paper, same fonts, colors, symbols, etc.

Save the Dates

Send Save the Date’s out soon after you and your fiance have decided on a date and finalized your guest list. It is important to note that if you send a Save the Date to a guest, you must send an invitation.


  • Both you and your fiance’s names
  • The wedding date
  • Wedding location
  • Wedding website (if applicable)



Send out invitations around 2 months before the wedding (or earlier if you aren’t doing Save the Date’s). Provide a firm RSVP date on the invitation and a link to your RSVP website or a pre-addressed and stamped envelope if using USPS.

Make sure the invitation includes:

  • Both you and your fiance’s names
  • The date of your wedding
  • The location of your wedding and information about the reception site
  • Information about the room block


Place cards

There are many different ways to handle this task! You could opt to:

  1. Nix assigned seating altogether
  2. If choosing to do a buffet-style dinner, you could create a seating board where you list out who sits at which table
  3. Place cards: Each card will contain the guest’s name, their meal preference, and their table number

Wait to complete the place cards until the majority of the RSVP’s are in! You want to have the most accurate representation of your guests before printing them off. Many companies that specialize in wedding stationary, invites, etc will also print your place cards for you 🙂

Wedding Programs


  • Names and relationship to couple of each person in the bridal party
  • Order of ceremony
    • Special note

Thank Yous

Thank you cards are very important to stay on top of! Here are a couple tips that we found helpful:

  • Have a stack of about 20 or so Thank You cards on hand during the period between sending your save the date cards and your invitations. Inevitably you’re going to have a few overachiever friends/relatives that check out your registry and send gifts between this period.
  • Aim to send thank you cards out at least 10 days after receiving a gift. This lets the gift giver know how appreciative you are of the time and money they spent on you!
  • Make sure you send out thank you cards after your bridal shower and bachelorette party to everyone that attended.
  • Send out a thank you to everyone that gave you a gift at the wedding & thank them for coming.


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