Obviously this is a fun place to choose. Most wedding reception venues offer a free tasting night for the couple to “preview” the food before making final meal selections (and there’s usually plenty of wine and appetizers!)

Try to choose a reception location that’s relatively close to your ceremony venue. This will help to eliminate the inevitable guest (or vendor!) getting lost.

Josh and I had to tour about 10 venues together before deciding to go with the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres! We were very firm with our budget constraints, as well as the number of people the venue needed to accommodate.

I’d recommend securing either your ceremony site or your reception site first, then booking vendors afterwards. Once you have secured your wedding date, booking subsequent vendors becomes much easier!

Overall we had a very good experience. Our wedding coordinator, Robyn, was very over allocated and it was difficult to get a hold of her. At times this could get stressful (especially when we needed a pressing question answered), but in the end it all worked out. I’d recommend calling the CDT and then asking to be transferred to Robyn or Genevieve rather than emailing.
The DJ service (Minnesota Wedding Party –DJ Tim) that CDT contracts with is unparalleled. DJ Tim was all we were hoping for and more! He was so much more than just a DJ, he kept us on schedule, threw in a couple surprises, made sure the microphone was passed around when needed, etc. Couldn’t be more happy with DJ Tim!
The cake service (Buttercream) and CDT dinner services were both delicious.
The day before the wedding, we were informed that Robyn wouldn’t be available the day of the wedding. Slight panic ensued as I did not know the woman that would be stepping in for Robyn, nor did I know how wonderful DJ Tim would be. Although this could have been a huge issue, Genevieve took the ball and ran with it. She was absolutely amazing, and we were so pleased with how the day turned out.
We had a slight issue with the meal preferences, but Genevieve worked with the serving staff to get that resolved. She did such a great job, and handled herself very professionally. We’re so thankful we were able to meet her and work with her 🙂
All in all, it was a good experience. If you’re considering booking with CDT, keep in mind that communication was lacking. This may have changed now that Genevieve is on staff and Robyn is less swamped, but that was definitely an issue for us.
The package we got included the cake, food, and DJ service in our package price. It was very well-worth the price we paid, and we’re thankful that we decided to book with CDT. It was a very unique and special place to host a wedding reception!DSC_3489-2DSC_3834DSC_3934

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