To say 2017 has been a whirlwind for Josh and I would be the understatement of the century…

  • We moved to a new apartment
  • I started my professional career
  • Josh started in a new office
  • We got engaged
  • We bought a house
  • We took two international vacations
  • We’re getting married

I went to a yoga class at Core Power with my friend Nick last night. At the beginning of class we were asked to think about the word, “destruction.” Throughout class, the instructor continually pulled us back to the term, and related it to our yoga practice, life issues, Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, etc. It got me thinking… with all this destruction and unrest around us, what is it that keeps most people centered?

For me, it’s undoubtedly my rock that never moves, my shelter when the waves of life are too much to bear, my lighthouse in the midst of the darkness: my sweet Jesus.

This life is so fleeting. Without having the hope that life will get better, we’re as doomed as the rats in the Johns Hopkins professor’s experiment.

Whirlwind: a very strong wind that moves in a spinning or swirling motion and that can damage buildings, trees, etc.

Yes, there is a ton of destruction, hatred, and evil in this world. It’s appallingly pitiful in fact. However, He makes beautiful things out of our tumultuous situations.

So often, it’s easier to turn to God in the midst of destruction, heartbreak, and loss. Thankfully for Josh & I, we have a lot of very exciting things going on in our lives this year. We are overwhelmingly blessed, and turn our eyes to the One that makes all things possible in the midst of our whirlwind.