Friday, March 3rd

In my opinion, life with the absence of solid friends is pretty damn near pointless.

As humans, we are naturally social creatures, and it’s to our benefit to draw on the support of others when we’re suffering.

I came across the following article online the other day: The Importance of Friendship. Perhaps my favorite sentence from the article was the following:

[Friends] tolerate each other’s frailties, appreciate their differences, and honestly criticize when necessary

I’ve been blessed with so many amazing and supportive friends and family members, and couldn’t me more thankful to have the following women in my life:


jlj.jpgJenna – You are the sister I’ve always dreamed of having. Thank you for always being so real with me, and for accepting me into your family since day one. I’m inspired by the passion with which you live your life. Thank you for your honesty, for calling me out when I’m being irrational (cue pajama llama drama), and for being such a true friend. I greatly appreciate how open I am able to be with you without fear of judgment.

You are so inclusive, caring, and beautiful inside and out. I am so thankful to have met you, and am excited for many more years of friendship to come. Love you ❤️️


Samantha – I so appreciate your bluntness. Thank you for knocking sense into me about food during both of our road trips, expressing your concern over my weight (even though I fought you about it!), and for introducing me to a new side of life I never knew existed. You are by far the most spontaneous, fun-loving, and inclusive person I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’m so happy that you’re loving Ireland, but I can’t wait to have you back stateside 😊

11329880_571113073031092_6922894855772916411_nSamantha (cousin): You are by far the most compassionate, caring, and giving person in our family. It’s been such a joy to literally grow up alongside you. Thanks for never being more than a phone call away, and for offering such quality advice whenever I need it. Thanks for accepting me right where I am, and for loving me despite my flaws.



Tiffany: Thank you for being so much more than an academic counselor to me. Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and giving me the tools to help me succeed academically, professionally, and personally. Thanks for always making time for me, steering me in the right direction, and ensuring that I’m taking care of myself. Thanks for being my mom away from home, and for checking up on me and keeping me accountable.