15073355_10154700700918064_4497641294197392474_nOn my 23rd birthday, Josh and I drove to Trempealeau to meet my parents, RJ & Linda, Jenna, and Bucko & Grandma at Elmaro Vineyard (If you’ve never been to Elmaro before, click on the link to their website, and go visit them on a nice fall day 🙂 )

We spent several hours sipping wine, and enjoying the beautiful fall day and one another’s company. Josh and I decided that we were having such a fabulous time with Jenna, that we’d stay in Winona for the remainder of the day.

She took us to The Oaks wine bar and we split a bottle of some delicious red wine. The atmosphere in there was so neat. I absolutely love the sibling dynamic between Josh and Jenna. They are so cute to one another, and the level of mutual respect is very evident.

Afterwards, we went to Jefferson’s for dinner. I was rather tipsy (no, I was quite intoxicated at this point), and really only wanted popcorn. Josh told me that chips would have to suffice, so we ordered a HUGE order of nachos. They were delicious.shopping

On our way out, Josh spotted a crane game… he usually has pretty good self-control about everything else in his life, but crane games are his one true weakness.

He asked me which plush I wanted, and I immediately spotted the most ridiculous creature: a llama wearing pajamas. Although it was smooshed between countless other plush toys, that was the one I had my heart set os-l300n.

He tried several times, but eventually gave up and came out with this ugly excuse for a prize:img_20161105_214323789

Needless to say, I was less than impressed.

Jenna had to work at the bar that night, so Josh and I decided we’d accompany her.

First off, getting drunk is really never a great idea for me. I feel like whenever I’m under the influence, I end up inadvertently hurting my dear Josh. We were at a bar when Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA came on (just click on the link and relive your awkward high school days 😂)

I really wanted to dance – even though it was clearly not a dancing bar. Josh resisted my urging, and I eventually got very frustrated and stormed out of the bar. I walked back to Jenna’s bar, asked for a shot of Patron, and tried to ditch Josh.

Note: Josh literally must have radar for me. He didn’t lose me despite my efforts to get away from him. In my irrational drunkenness, I considered breaking up with him (yes, over the fact that he didn’t feel like dancing to a stupid song. Very irrational.)

When we got back to Jenna’s at the end of the evening, she pulled me into her room to lovingly knock some sense into me. She listened to my completely ridiculous sob story, and then said,

Blow your nose, give me a hug, and go out there and tell my brother that you love him.

snapchat-7786799204746188230Although I’m embarrassed to recall this unfortunate series of events that unfolded the night I turned 23, it was a good reminder to listen to my body, and obey my limits. Nothing is worth treating my most favorite person (Josh) the way I had.