I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in July 2009.

Throughout the first several years of my battle with anorexia, I chose to suffer in silence. Although my family was well aware of my condition, I was too embarrassed to reveal to my peers that I was indeed very sick. The single most influential, and perhaps the only reason I was able to recover, was due to my relationship with Christ. Without His unwavering love and unfathomable mercy I would not have had the motivation, courage, or strength to press on.

Eventually, I worked up the courage to tell my best friend Anna. I was relieved at the way she reacted. Instead of judging me, she listened and supported me. She never nagged at me, or treated me any different than she used to. The unconditional acceptance and love that Anna showed me encouraged me to share my story with others once I got to college.

In college, my eating disorder began to rear its ugly head time and time again. The difference this time, was that I had the tools to fight the negative, berating thoughts bombarding my mind. Every time I fell down, I chose to pick myself back up.

Also in college, Anna fell victim to anorexia’s deadly embrace. I have never been more sickened, than to learn the news that my closest friend was in the throes of an eating disorder.

Thankfully, we were able to lean on one another for support.

So why am I walking?
  • I’m walking for NEDA, and all they do to support eating disorder education and recovery.
  • I’m walking to support the thousands of people currently suffering with this dreadful disease. There is hope.
  • I’m walking to celebrate victory and recovery with my friend Anna.
  • I’m walking because I was fortunate enough to get a second chance.
  • I’m walking because I can.