*I know I usually do black and white featured images, but this was too beautiful to edit*

Last night, while Josh and I were watching the Bachelor, my stomach decided it would rather convulse and regurgitate my dinner, than process it like a normal stomach should (read: I projectile vomited for quite a while).0

In an effort to not spread my sudden bout of flu-like symptoms, I decided to work from home today. I slept well last night, but my stomach was still upset at me for some reason.

Surprisingly I got a lot of work done today! I attended several meetings, reorganized som
e documents for a colleague, and categorized some notes for my manager. One of the many perks of working from home, is that I get to sit next to a window (in my pajamas!) Today, although it’s still February in Minnesota, it got up to 60 degrees! I opened our sliding door and eventually moved a chair out to the porch so I could work outside for a while. It was so peaceful being able to listen to the birds, the rustle of the bare branches, and the occasional traffic (sorry Spotify, but I prefer the natural sounds over my Productive Morning playlist.)

0-1Midway through the day, I decided to walk down to the leasing office to check and see if my package had been delivered. I had the opportunity to attend an Intro to Essential Oils class with Jenna and Gail over Christmas break. I was so intrigued by what I had learned, but wasn’t quite ready to make the financial commitment to buying oils and a diffuser. However, I was searching eBay last month, and Josh gave me the go-ahead to purchase a diffuser and 8 essential oils – for $30! Anyway, it had been about a month after it was supposed to arrive, so I took matters into my own hands (aka, I went down to the leasing office to see if I had any packages…) Lo and behold, my package was there! I hurriedly scampered back to the apartment and tore open the box. Thankfully everything was in there, and it worked perfectly. I sped-read the recipe book, and concocted a recipe for soothing nausea. Needless to say, our apartment smells like a spa 🙂

I was really craving cinnamon toast crunch (I only eat the Aldi brand of cinnamon toast crunch… yes, I’m picky), so I left around 6pm to go get some groceries. Almost immediately upon departure, the sunset made me almost swerve into oncoming traffic. It was beautiful. I pulled over in a church parking lot and hopped out of my car to get a better view. Holy mackerel, it just kept on getting better! It reminded me of the breathtaking sunset I saw in Costa Rica!

0-3I got home and saw I had missed a call from Jenna. I called her back while preparing my sweet potatoes (slice them thin, fry in 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil until slightly blackened, place in bowl, drizzle natural pb over top = heavenly). She had called to rant about the Bachelor being so dumb. Honestly though, the guy’s a douchesack. There are four women left: Rachel, Vanessa, Raven, and Corrine:

  • Rachel: Welp, leave it to ABC to announce next season’s Bachelorette before the girl is even kicked off of this season… Yep. I really do like Rachel though. She’s an accomplished attorney, absolutely beautiful, and has a good head on her shoulders
  • Vanessa: She’s been my favorite from the start, perhaps because she is so relatable. She’s from Montreal, Canada and works as a special education teacher. She’s held Nick (Viall) accountable, and really emphasizes being honest and transparent. I really like her.
  • Raven: She’s so fun. Her southern accent is adorable, and she’s always up for a good time. The one-on-one she got to go on with Nick in his hometown of Waukesha, WI was precious, and the one-on-one they had in her hometown was even better. She’s beautiful, driven, and an all-around great woman.

All three of these women deserve a man 100x better than Nick. Jenna described Nick as a man-child… a child trapped inside of a man’s body. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Corrine: She’s literally the raunchiest piece of shit I have ever seen. I have absolutely zero respect for her, and I think she is a promiscuous airhead. She’s more immature than Nick, and at this rate, she’s the only one Nick is worthy of. She doesn’t have a real job (well, her daddy runs a multi-million dollar business), and she has a nanny. Oh, did I mention she’s 24?

I’m excited to see how this season pans out. This is the first season of the bachelor that I actually got invested in, and it’s stressful! I can’t imagine dating a man that I knew was dating other women. I wouldn’t consider myself the jealous type, but if I saw my Josh with another woman, my heart would sink so deep I’d never heal.

I compiled some pictures into a gif so you can appreciate how distracted I was… you’re welcome 😉