If you’ve never watched the Bachelor, good for you. I hadn’t watched it until this season, but it’s awfully fun, and downright addicting. My best friend since high school, Anna, told me that her and her roommates were planning on watching it on Tuesday nights while they ate dinner and got ready for the next day. Now that we only live 15 minutes apart (as opposed to 1.5 hours when she was in Minneapolis and I was in Eau Claire), there’s absolutely no reason why we wouldn’t see one another at least once every week!

Despite the fact that the Bachelor makes absolutely zero sense, it’s incredibly fun to make fun of, critique, and question every single person on the show’s motives. Sometimes we have to pause the episode just so we’re able to hash out what exactly is going on…

Nevertheless, it’s great bonding time. I’m so glad Anna found her two roommates. They both graduated from Madison; one works in accounting with Anna, and the other works at the fitness club that I’m a member of. Both are incredibly nice, welcoming, and great to spend time with.

There’s something about having something set in stone with a weekly reoccuring date that is very soothing to me (I realize that ‘soothing’ probably isn’t the right word, but you get what I mean…) It’s just very nice to know that every Tuesday after my boot camp class at the gym, I have just enough time to get home, shower, make dinner, and head over to Anna’s. It’s comforting to say the least 🙂