I am blessed with some of the most amazing friends. I’m so thankful to have a solid group of girlfriends to keep me grounded as well. Don’t get me wrong, Josh is downright amazing (near-perfect in any way imaginable), but nothing replaces some good, quality girl-time.

This past Friday, several of us decided to go to a paint-and-sip event (Bottle & Bottega 10/10 would highly recommend) in uptown. I’d certainly never done something like this before, but is sounded so fun.


We signed up, and 8 of us ended up making it. We ordered our wine (Marissa and I started with a glass, and soon realized we needed to just pull the trigger and get the bottle…). met our instructor, and got right too it. Our theme was “Aurora Borealis” (northern lights). Thankfully our instructor was a very good teacher – and he kept reminding us to continue to drink our wine to help to let our creativity juices flow 🙂

It was such a fun several hours with the girls. We chatted about how much we all suck at painting, how one bottle of wine per 2 people wasn’t enough, how we need to all see each other more often, and how our jobs are going. It was very helpful and encouraging to hear about the other girl’s lives:

  • Some are single, some have boyfriends, one’s married16473815_1319059354784089_3050424341368929750_n
  • Some of us are just starting out our first job out of college, while some are in the process of finishing up school
  • Four girls are accountants, two are in info systems, and two are in marketing/sales
  • None of us are natural Picasso’s

After our finished masterpieces were complete, three of us went back to my place for some more time together and continued conversations. We each popped open a Truly and chatted until poor Josh got home (he’s an accountant and it’s busy season. It was 10:30pm when he finally got home. I’m so happy that he’s so easy going, that instead of being stressed  that there were people in the living room, he cracked open a beer and joined in on the conversation. The man’s truly one in a million.)

16508183_1319059351450756_1387303779192687254_nAlthough sometimes it’s tempting for me to just want to stay home and relax with my Josh, I always find myself rejuvenated, refreshed, and all around happy after spending time with the girls. The girls are the ones that:

  • I can shamelessly watch the Bachelor with on Tuesday nights
  • Go out for an overpriced brunch with on a Sunday afternoon
  • Invite over to try out a new Pinterest recipe we’ve both been meaning to make
  • Invite to a Mary Kay make-up party
  • Exchange Ipsy redemption points with
  • Console after a breakup or tough week at school/work
  • Talk about essential oil regimes
  • Invite to Cyclebar classes or yoga practice
  • Facetime despite tragic time differences

There are a variety of posts out there about the importance of having friends outside of your romantic relationship, and I just couldn’t be a bigger advocate for girls maintaining their relationships with other girls.

So if it’s been awhile since you’ve reconnected with your high school/college girls, your mom, cousin, anyone, give them a call. I promise it’ll be well worthwhile 🙂