Tuesday was an all-around whirlwind of a day. Usually, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my long day school-wise: 4 classes, 2 work shifts, 8am-5pm no breaks…

This Tuesday was no exception.

It started out during my first class of the day with the voicemail I received from the company I interned for over the summer. Immediately after class, I went to listen to it. It was the recruiter telling me that she was unable to change my start date to January as I had requested. I graduate in December and would ideally like to start immediately in January, but apparently that is no longer an option and I will have to start in July. Not okay. In my frustration I called my mom in tears. Bless her heart, she tried to calm me down over the phone, and I was so aggravated at the situation.

I immediately went into survival-mode (a bit extreme, but I tend to have tunnel vision especially when it comes to abstract, future events.) I emailed my adviser, reached out to several recruiters at firms similar to mine, researched the upcoming career fair, and dove head first into job-search mode…all over again.img_20160913_183113670

I e-mailed Josh to voice my frustrations, and he sent the sweetest reply telling me he loved me and to keep my head up. We love Josh.

In one of my afternoon classes, another frustration sprung up.

As I went to plug in my laptop charger to an outlet in the classroom, a bright spark, poof of soot and heat, and a shock ran up to my shoulder. Terrifying. My charging cable was completely fried, the medal prong was melted, and my hands were coated in soot. I excused myself to go to the bathroom to calm myself down after the (literal) shock of the situation.

Then the logistics of the situation set in: how was I going to finish my coding project due that night with a dead laptop and a fried charging cable? Then panic ensued, and I proceeded to struggle to pull myself out of a panic attack for about 15 minutes.

When I finally worked up the strength to leave the isolation and comfort of the bathroom stall, I brought myself to look into the mirror. My eyes were swollen and red, and my nose wouldn’t stop running. Ironically, I decided that going to the Dean’s office would be my best course of action to take, despite my obvious state of disarray.

When I got to the office, the office assistant was sitting at her desk talking to my management professor. Upon seeing my disheveled face and shaking body, she got up from her desk to give me kleenex and a hug. What a sweetheart. I told her what had happened and she suggested I visit the College of Business (COB) help desk to see if they had a loaner computer or something. She called up to the desk to inform them that I was on my way.

I trudged up to the 3rd floor and walked into the office. You’ll never believe what they had for me- the EXACT same Lenovo charger that I needed. Same wattage, same amps, same everything. Wow. He was about to bring it to the surplus office, but instead he gave it to me- free of charge! Miracles do happen.

I walked back to class, new charger in hand, and prepared to continue on with class. I shot Josh a quick text to let him know about the previous 15 traumatizing minutes. Class drug on for what seemed like forever.

Like, could he be any more studly if he tried?

After class, I went to work and displayed my deranged cable for all to see in an effort to gain sympathy 🙂 I had planned on calling Josh around 3 to catch him up on the drama of the day before I saw him that evening.  I got up to excuse myself from work for 5 minutes to speak with Josh. I went out the door, you’ll never guess who I saw- JOSH. He had driven from work to see me at school just to hug me and build me up. What an amazing boyfriend.

Moral of this sad, yet happy, story: Bad things happen everyday, but there is ALWAYS a silver lining. If it wasn’t for my mom, the kind receptionist in the Dean’s office, the COB help desk, my Josh, and a special Someone looking down from above, today would have been so much worse.