I have a thing for people. Humanity fascinates me, and not in an academic way at all. I’m not into sociology, psychology, how the brain works, yada yada. No, I just love hearing people’s stories. They’re something so beautiful about one-on-one conversations.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that God doesn’t waste pain. Instead, I believe that He uses the painful experiences of the past to help us better relate to others in their times of need.

c126a6b0c6b6cd38bc0b4df20621ba10I’ve had the privilege of growing my relationships with several remarkable women this summer. It’s always a surprise where our conversations go. Are we going to talk about marriage or tinder, happiness or depression, love or sex, the weather or irregular bodily functions? Before I get too into the brunt of this post, you have to know that I do not consider myself a, “feminist”by any means. Yes, I agree with the concept of girl power, and positive feminine influences, but none of that dude-shaming shit.

So… I’ve written about her several times throughout the short existence of this blog, but here we go again: SVG. She is probably the single-most influential friend I’ve had throughout college. She’s always on the lookout for adventure, and I love that about her. After she graduated college, she bought a one-way ticket to Ireland and is currently there now. She’s living there on a student Visa until it runs out. There’s definitely a part of me wishes I could allow myself be that free.

She sent me a postcard the week she arrived in Ireland 🙂

Then there’s Josh’s sister: I could not have gotten any luckier when it comes to a future sister-in-law. She’s so raw, beautiful, genuine, and inclusive. She’s opened up to me about her past, her current relationship, her struggles and successes. I love her. She’s coming up to visit Josh and I next weekend.

My high school best friend and I make weekly calls to maintain our friendship. We were talking last night about how our love lives have basically mirrored each others, and it’s oldactually hilarious. When we were sophomores in college we were both dating boys that were out of our league- in the bad way. Neither of our then-boyfriend’s had much drive or motivation to do well in life… they were unequal relationships. We both broke up with our respective boannayfriends within a week of each other. Now, we’re both dating incredible men that we firmly believe we’ll be spending the rest of our lives with (we may-or-may-not share a secret wedding board on Pinterest). It’s so beautiful to see her so happy, and it’s wonderful to have someone to be able to relate to so well.

We’ve also both survived the stranglehold of anorexia. I had my main battle in high school while she suffered
mainly in college. It’s been a true honor to support and encourage her through her fight.