…This is the sequel to Drama.

Welcome back to my dysfunctional family!

I’m a visual learner, so here’s a diagram in case you get lost:


*Disclaimer: I changed the names of certain family members

Last summer, Dick and Helena invited everyone up north to Brainerd for a week at a cabin. We did this four years prior when we rented out a massive cabin (frivolous money if you ask me), and spent the week tubing, watching the Olympics, eating, etc. A week is a long time to spend with anyone, let alone family, but oh well.

I have a good relationship with most of my aunts and uncles, but Dick and Helena are a different story. (I’m getting frustrated even writing about this!) They tend to think that they have the answers to everyone’s problems. They’re very convincing and charismatic, and I’ve fallen into their trap one too many times.

So this summer, as the cabin week was drawing nearer, I found it odd that I hadn’t received any chain emails from everyone regarding logistics and such. I dismissed it for a while, but then July came and went…still nothing.

I called my cousin Samantha to see if she could shed any light on the situation at hand. She didn’t. She told me to either call Dick and Helena, Grandma, or her mom, Cherrie. I told her I wasn’t going to make the mistake of calling Dick and Helena, so I’d give Grandma a ring.

In the meanwhile, I found out that I received a full-time offer from the company I was interning for over the summer! I called my grandparents, mom, dad, and Josh and invited them to a celebratory dinner in Rochester.

While at dinner, Josh (unprompted) asked my grandma about the cabin. She played it off like she had no idea what he was talking about. I called her on it, and repeated Josh’s question. Again, she deflected.

The day after our dinner in Rochester, Grandma gave me a call. She asked if my dad had put me up to asking about the cabin. Okay:

  1. Josh asked about it first, not me
  2. Why would you automatically blame my father?

I told her that I was just genuinely curious as to why I hadn’t heard anything about the cabin week. It was only two weeks away… She also told me not to simply “stop by the cabin” (I was going up to Josh’s cabin, also in Brainerd, the same week) because there was a, “certainty of feelings being hurt.”

She again told me to call Dick and Helena…um no.

By now, I know that she’s keeping something from me. I’m feeling lied to. I’m feeling ostracized. I’m feeling hurt.

Later that day I get ANOTHER call, but this one is from Cherrie. She goes on for about 30 minutes praising me for how proud she is of how hard I worked at my internship, and thanking me for always including her in my life. Then she told me that Samantha and Grandma had talked to her about my inquisitions about the cabin. She was the only person that would be straight with me.

The long and short of it is this:

Back in June, Dick and Helena informed everyone that my family would not be invited to the cabin this year…

What the actual fuck.

And everyone went along with it. Grandma and Grandpa were fine with the fact that one of their children was uninvited from “family” week. No one spoke up. What the hell.

No, you cannot lie to me and then expect me to be fine. It doesn’t work like that. Lying=not telling the entire truth.

It still sickens me to this day.