So for the past month, I’ve not only been free of responsibilities, but free from school, work, and any other obligation vying for my time. I’m not going to lie, it’s been awesome.

I’ve finally had time to catch up on things I haven’t had the time to do for a long time. (I’ll post pictures later.) I’ve been painting, cooking (contrary to my horrible eating habits I had over the summer… literally eating out everyday), writing, reading, spending time outside, and catching up with friends. Life is good.

Usually I do my own thing during the day while Josh is at work, and then during the evenings we watch the news while finishing up dinner. Then we usually play a game of Bananagrams, do a crossword, or go on a walk. Tonight was a little different though.

Seeing as we’re on the verge of football season, the Fantasy drafts are also beginning. My dedicated and ambitious boyfriend is in not one, not two, but THREE Fantasy pools. Some may say he’s obsessed, while others may say he’s the ultimate fan- I just don’t understand the hype.img_20160831_211340183

I DO, however, understand the passion. It’s really neat to watch Josh get all riled up, like a kid on Christmas, in anticipation for the next draft.

In an effort to try and understand what all the excitement is about, he extended his desktop display to his TV so I could follow along with the draft. Meticulous is an understatement in describing Josh’s preparation for each and every draft pick. The man has spreadsheets, printouts, stats, ESPN, and countless tabs open as he recalculates what his best choice for his next pick will be. It’s kind of comical to watch, but enjoyable nonetheless.