Screenshot_2016-04-10-18-14-12CAUTION: Many pictures in this post contain Snapchat filters. Viewer discretion is advised 🙂

I’ve never considered myself a “clingy” person, and usually find clinginess as a sign of insecurity and poor self-esteem. However, this whole “distance” thing that Josh and I have been navigating through this summer has given the word “clingy” a whole new meaning.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, love is a complex topic. However, falling in love with Josh has been by far the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It’s absolutely effortless to love him, and I’m constantly in awe of what a complex man he is. He’s such a hard worker, incredibly motivated, friendly to everyone, knowledgeable, jaw-droppingly handsome, and in love with me as well! I can honestly say that none of my previous relationships have I ever experienced even a fraction of the amount of love I have for my Josh. He’s a rare seed, and I’m so grateful that God decided to bring the two of us together.

This summer, I accepted an internship in Minneapolis. Truthfully, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to work for the company I’m working for, but I guess dreams do come true! When I was deciding where to do my summer internship, I immediately nixed the offer over in Milwaukee because I knew that I’d rather walk through hell with bare feet than be over 4 hours away from my Josh. Sounds pathetic, but I’ve grown so close to him over the course of the past 15 months. He’s my best friend, and the person I feel most comfortable with. I can be 100% myself around him, and he loves me just the same. In the months leading up to this summer, I knew that tackling distance would be tough for me. I expressed my concerns to Josh, and he reassured me that we’d still see each other on most weekends and that we’d call, Snapchat, or FaceTime frequently.

My first week in Dallas for training went well. There were plenty of distractions and minimal downtime so I didn’t have to focus too much on the fact I was across the country from Josh. The second week was difficult. I made every effort to keep myself occupied and busy after work, but I still missed him a ton.

Josh has been more than wonderful and accommodating so far. One Sunday, he drove all the way to Woodbury to take me out to lunch and Finding Dory!

Towards the beginning of our relationship, we took the 5 Love Languages quiz. We determined that Josh’s top two love languages were Quality Time and Acts of Service, while my top two were Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation. With this knowledge in mind, we work to recognize that although our love languages are different, they help us learn to love each other better.

  • One way that we speak each other’s language is by blending them together. I really like cuddling up next to him while we do crosswords or play a game on his phone. This fills my love tank for Physical Touch, while his for Quality Time is also being filled.
  • I know that having things put in the correct place isn’t always a top priority for Josh, but it does alleviate stress and minimizes the risk of him “losing” important things (keys, sunglasses, lunchbox, etc.) I try to keep the kitchen counter clean, and put things away after using them (Acts of Service). Josh notices these little things, and fills my tank for Words of Affirmation as well.
  • IMG_20160614_211054111Although neither of us would like to admit it, Receiving Gifts is always a welcomed love language. I love it when Josh brings me home tea from work, or a new pen from a client he’s been working on. Last weekend when Josh came to visit, I picked up some of his favorite beer from my favorite liquor store, Total Wine. Not only was he surprised, but we were able to both have a nice cocktail while watching the sunset from my balcony 🙂

So, although distance is never fun, there’s only 6 more weeks left of only seeing each other on weekends! And Screenshot_2016-05-29-18-15-54although I thought it impossible, distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Every time I see my Josh after 5 short days of being apart, my heart swells with overflowing love for him, and it aches so badly each Sunday when we have to say our good-byes. Hopefully one day we won’t have to ever do distance again, but until then, we’re doing alright 🙂