Josh took a week of vacation and we filled it plump full of adventures, traveling, and fun 🙂 We decided a series of day-trips would maximize our time together, and enhance the enjoyment of the week.

Monday: Stillwater

Josh and I slept in for a while, and then headed over to Stillwater, MN to spend theIMG_20160523_160514390 day hiking, window shopping, and just being together. We moseyed up and down the quaint streets of the little town, smelled the potent lilacs, and marveled at the old, rustic looking buildings. We spentSnapchat-8384147339777558608 some time in the old courthouse, and even toured the old jail! We learned about prohibition and the role Stillwater played during that time. The museum workers were so passionate about what they were doing, and both Josh and I were impressed with their vast array of knowledge.

After the courthouse, we found a cute little joint to sit down and have lunch. We decided on a place called Rafter’s, and split a delicious chicken sandwich. Josh
even splurged and bought me a margarita and himself a beer.
We hiked up the historic stairs and spent some time near the bandshell to take some pictures. We drove home right as the rain was starting to fall. Once we got home, we settled in with a movie, popcorn, and cuddles 🙂


Tuesday: Moving Josh

Today was much less eventful than yesterday, yet still fun. We moved Josh into his new apartment which was thankfully just down the hall. It was a lot of heavy lifting, and repetitive moving box after box. All I can say is thank God for air conditioning!

As a reward for a hard days work, Josh treated me to dinner at The Livery. They have the best sweet potato tots, and another margarita was just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday: Moving/Book of Mormon

We woke up relatively early to drive to Minneapolis to get me moved in to my new apartment. Josh worked his magic and got us a cart to help the move go quicker. The rain miraculously held off during our move, and we got everything out of my car and into my room in less than 2 hours. He was such a trooper, and diligently worked by lifting my boxes in and out of my car, hauling them to the elevator, and up to my room. What a guy 🙂

IMG_20160525_175916885After most of my stuff was moved in, we freshened up a bit, changed into fancier clothes, and headed for the light rail to go to dinner before the Book of Mormon. We decided on CRAVE. I had never been there before, but was very impressed with the food, and the beautiful atmosphere.mormon_lead_0

After dinner, we headed across the street to the Orpheum Theatre. We wanted to have plenty of time to look around and explore before the show started. The construction of the place was on point. I felt like there was no way to have a “bad” seat in the house. The actors
projected so well and I never had troubles understanding what they were saying/singing. The play was absolutely hilarious! Not only was it incredibly clever, hilarious, and offensive, it was also the most enjoyable entertainment I’ve experienced in a long time.

Can you tell our tiredness is getting the better of us?

Thursday: Minnehaha Falls

We got to sleep in even longer to compensate for our late night at the theatre and back-to-back days of moving. Once we were both up and semi-presentable, we packed some lunches, snack bags of gorp, and water. Josh wanted to take me to Minnehaha Falls since I’ve expressed my love for waterfalls and adventuring in nature. We got there, and despite the hot weather, I was instantly in love with the park. The dense foliage reminded me of Costa Rica, and the plethora of runners, bikers, and families made me feel right at home. We walked around the park for a little while before making it to the falls. It was so beautiful. Waterfalls are totally memorizing, and I could marvel at them for hours. The fact that my Josh allowed me to stand in awe for as long as my heart desired meant the world to me. We walked the trails, fed a little chipmunk some of our gorp, and simply enjoyed each other’s company.

After an afternoon of exploring, we stopped by the Mall of America for dinner at Zio Italian. Before reaching Zio, we stopped at a kitchen goods store and bought a sushi mat Snapchat-2573707345060532539and chopsticks! Nothing says, “impulse buy” quite like that 😉 At dinner, Josh decided it would be a great idea to order calamari before telling me it was fried squid… another adventure nonetheless 🙂

Snapchat-2395425871537882375We had every intention of stopping by Canterbury Park to watch the horse races, but unfortunately the summer Thursday races hadn’t started yet. Instead, we decided to drive up to the cabin. Josh’s parents recently purchased land up in northern Minnesota and built an absolutely amazing lake house over the winter. Josh and I helped a little with the stainin
g process over Christmas break, and we were very excited to see how the final product turned out.

When we got to the cabin, we were greeted by his parents and one-of-a-kind dog, Lexie. Usually I don’t get along with dogs, but Lexie has a few brain cells loose so for some reason she likes me.


We spent Friday through Monday (Memorial Day) relaxing around the cabin. We went shopping , did yoga one morning, stand up paddle boarding, went on pontoon rides, played in the water, and relaxed. Josh’s sister and her boyfriend came up on Sunday, and it was awesome to see them as well.

Modeling my new outfit for Josh

Tuesday & Wednesday:

While Josh was at work, I cleaned up and re-arranged/organized his new apartment. It was a fun task for me to do, and it kept me busy. I got to do some shopping for new work clothes with the TJ Maxx gift card my dad got for me. We made sushi together on Wednesday night, and were pretty proud of ourselves- especially for our first time!

Thursday: R&D dinner

Josh’s work team’s end-of-the-season celebration was at a new restaurant called The Informalist. The food was delicious, and it was fun reconnecting with Josh’s co-workers. After dinner, we went over to the Fire House to play darts and drink a little more. I’m really thankful that Josh has such a great group of people to work with.


Josh and I have invented a date-night theme we like to call, “lump-fest.” During our lump-fests, we do our best to be lumpy, not use our brains, relax, eat popcorn, and enjoy each other. We try to have at least one lump-fest a week, and we both enjoy and appreciate the change of pace 🙂

Saturday: WeddingIMG_20160604_173741038

We woke up early and drove to Appleton to attend a wedding for high school friend of Josh’s. I thought it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony, and the reception was very well executed. The DJ’s were fun, the food was good, the venue was awesome, everything went very smoothly, yet it didn’t seem too over-the-top. It was fun to get all dressed up with Josh as well 🙂

After the reception, we drove to Green Bay so we could stay with my aunt. We had to be up super early the next morning so we could be back in Minneapolis by early afternoon so we could catch our flights: me to Dallas, and Josh to Kentucky. Both for work.

Phew! What a fun, yet exhausting two weeks. I couldn’t think of any person better to spend that time with than my Josh. I felt that our relationship grew stronger, I fell more in love with him, and now feel so refreshed.