Dear Lover,

How is it that you know me better than I know myself? It’s incredible how you’re seemingly able to perceive my next thought before it even enters my mind.

I’ve never felt the feelings I experience when I’m with you. You make me feel whole; not that I’m only half myself when I’m alone, but instead, a much better version of myself when I’m with you. You encourage me to try new things, do my best, run the extra mile, and take better care of myself. I am beginning to learn to love myself more, because you’ve shown me how to love me, and that I’m worthy of receiving love.

You make me feel pretty without having to say the word, “beautiful.” Whether I’ve just woken up with disheveled hair and streaked makeup staining my eyes, or I’m all dolled up to go on a date with you, it all feels the same. I finally feel it, and nothing describes the feeling of actually feeling truly beautiful.

Your patience is unparalleled. There’s no way to account for the amount of time you’ve devoted to listening to my cyclical rants, repetitive questions, or ridiculous stories about new friends I’ve made in the salsa aisle at the grocery store. Just know that the interest you show in my stories doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s in the moments that you just nod and smile at me, but you’ve mastered a 093a1833a72cea3257e6a077bcd0da6cnew level of making me feel important.

I love the passion and drive you live your life with. You are the most hard-working man I’ve ever met, and I admire the way you prioritize. I never feel like I’m second-string to your work, your friends, the gym, TV, or any of your other hobbies. Somehow you’ve figured out a way to balance your priorities, and it’s working for you. I’m so proud of the man you are, and for how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today, and where you’re going tomorrow.

Suddenly life makes sense, and I stop caring about the simple nuances of it all. With you, I’m more me, and I love you for that.