I have the opportunity to complete an eight-week internship in Minneapolis this summer. Prior to our first day, we got to fly down to Dallas, Texas for a week of training. Although it was nice and hot (or not-so-nice…), I had an enjoyable time.

Josh and I…super exhausted at the MSP airport

We flew into Dallas/Fort Worth on Sunday and flew back to MSP the following Friday. While in Dallas, we got to experience tons of interesting things:

Classy living: IMG_20160610_125906335

We got to stay in the Sheraton and had floors very high up that overlooked the city. I was surprised how spread out Dallas is. Unlike Minneapolis, Dallas is speckled with skyscrapers here and there, with many shorter buildings in between.

There was a “club access” room that we had access to. The “club” had continental breakfast, happy
hour, and endless wine and coffee.

What the hell is a, “Majestic Room”?

The entire hotel was massive. It had three restaurants, outdoor patios, a rooftop pool, outdoor bar, massive fitness center, insanely comfy beds, and breathtaking views.

Homeless people:

I was surprised at the amount of homeless people we saw. One night after dinner, we decided to get to-go boxes and gave them out to the homeless.

Art museums:

Training got to be long, especially towards the end of the week. To help alleviate our IMG_20160610_124858633_HDRrestless legs, a group of us would go on walks after lunch and explore nearby attractions around our building. One of these was the Dallas Museum of Art. I was overwhelmed with the amount of art that we had access to for FREE!


Every evening, we had a $50 dinner budget and we definitely took full advantage of it! We visited the House of Blues, Zenna, Dave and Buster’s, Clutch, etc.