I mentioned this in my last post, but it’s been a topic that’s been weighing on me a lot this past week: Success and how I define it. Sure, it sounds like a good question to prepare for at an interview, but so often the answers given during an interview are simply the answers you know the interviewer wants to hear. I’m talking about life success, when I ask myself how I’d define success, what’s an answer that would satisfy me?

It all started after the marathon. I guess I simply wasn’t prepared for what type of emotions I’d be feeling in the days following the race.


I had a fairly busy week last week, and not a lot of time to catch my breath and really process the magnitude of the marathon. I found that the root of my frustration stemmed from my inability to slow down and appreciate what was really going on. I also began to realize towards the end of the week, that I was being unrealistically hard on myself.

While spending time with my parents over mother’s day weekend, we had to opportunity to watch Happy together. It was a beautiful documentary focusing on what makes people happy. It was plump full of deep concepts to contemplate, and I’d highly recommend watching it.

Today, I stumbled across an article on LinkedIn about Success. I thought it beautifully outlined what it meant to be okay with where we are in life. I also liked what it said about the criteria by which we compare ourselves. I also own the book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Yong. Last night it felt like it was written specifically to me because it stared out calling out my most current ugly flaw of being too hard on myself.

I still haven’t fully grasped what it means to be okay with the way I define success, but I have a therapy session tomorrow and hopefully we’ll work on that.


  • Monday I took off of work and school with the intention of sleeping and recovering for the majority of the day. I woke up and went to meet with a professor around 1pm to prepare for the large project and impending due date later on that week. When I returned home, I did 4 loads of laundry for Josh and I. Keep in mind that I live on the 2nd floor of an old rickety house and the washing machine is in the basement. Also keep in mind I had ran a marathon the day prior so my quads were definitely not a fan of the stairs. That evening, Josh and I had to dress up to attend the College of Business’ networking banquet and socialize for a little over three hours. At the beginning of the evening, the interns that were participating in the evening, myself included, were called forward to be recognized and choose a gift. (I obviously chose a pen!)
  • Tuesday we had an Ambassadors meeting. I have been a Campus Ambassador for a little over 2 years now, and am truly grateful to be a part of such a beautiful organization. At the end of our monthly meetings, we like to take a few minutes to write out, “shines.” A shine is a small anonymous affirmation written about any other Ambassador in the organization. The paper is then placed into a hat and read aloud at the end of the meeting. Every ambassador had an opportunity to write out as many shines as they like. I usually receive 1-2 shines, but today I received 6!
  • Wednesday was slightly more chill. Josh and I went on my first run since the marathon and we both felt rather good.
  • Thursday was a blur. I had class from 9:30-3:15, an awards banquet at 5, and a girls get-together immediately following that. The banquet was regarding a scholarship that my favorite IS professor nominated me for. The nominations were campus-wide so naturally I figured that I would not be one of the finalists selected. However, I was wrong and received the inaugural Blugold Love Memorial Scholarship. After a brief reception and a whirlwind of both overwhelming shock and gratitude, Josh and I rushed home to prepare for the wine night. He’s so great. He offered to quick vacuum the living room while I popped the popcorn. I love how we work together. He left shortly after the first guests arrived and my girlfriends and I spent several hours chatting and sipping away. After they left, I had to kick butt to finish my IS project before the midnight deadline.
  • Friday: after class and work, I was invited to attend a celebratory luncheon for Information Systems scholarship recipients. As I sat at the table with the other very worthy scholarship winners, I remember feeling deeply inadequate. These students were top-notch, and clearly on top of their game. Their summer plans were impressive and they all carried on beautiful conversations. After the lunch,  Josh and I drove to Winona to have dinner with my grandparents, favorite aunt, and cousin. It was SO great to finally see my grandparents again. Afterwards, we stopped by Josh’s sister’s house briefly before making the trek back to my parents house. Whew.