Waking up this morning and realizing that the race was THIS weekend was a bittersweet feeling. My friends and I have been training since early January, and today marked the last day of running before the race itself. So, I texted my good friend Aly to see if she’d be up for a run- our last run. aly

We met up mid-afternoon and decided we were just going to go for an easy 40 minute jog around town. It’s truly a blessing when you’re able to run a race in the town you’ve trained in. I can’t imagine how the Boston Marathon athletes or the US Olympic marathoners heading to Rio this summer can do it.

Ironically, our run today started on the same road that is the finishing stretch for the marathon. It was kind of an interesting feeling to run a segment of the exact same course I’ll be running on Sunday.

About mid-way through our run, we passed the budget theater in town. We both saw, “God’s Not Dead: 2” on the marquee and talked about it for a little bit. I told her about the two times I’ve had the opportunity to see the Newsboys in concert at Lifest and we got to talking about Christian music. I told her about the surreal experience I had at Lifest last year, when Tenth Avenue North was performing:

They were about the beauty of communion. Literally the most beautiful analogy of love that I have ever heard. Back in the day, if a guy was crushing super hard on a girl, he’d have to go to his dad and ask for his permission to propose to her. He’d also have to get permission from HER dad. Then they’d get a ton of people together for a feast, and the dude trying to win over the lady would pass her a goblet as means of proposal. This was her chance to decide if she wanted to tie the knot with the guy in question, or not. If she accepted it- horrah! They were getting hitched!

Then the couple was separated. The guy went back to his father’s house and began building a place for him and his new bride to live. He couldn’t stop building until it was satisfactory to his father. Meanwhile, the girl’s name was changed to “one who was bought with a price.” The only communication between the bride and groom-to-be was through the best man. He was able to deliver messages between the two. Finally, when the father gave his blessing upon the house that his son had built, the guy could haul ass to his lady’s house and officially marry her. Now turn that around, giving different names to the characters:


Son/groom= Jesus

Girl/bride= Us

Best man= Holy Spirit

I still get goosebumps every time I watch that video. Like why me? Why any of us? It’s just downright amazing.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the marathon is how it correlates to life so accurately as well. Sure, there are miles that are an absolute breeze, but there are some that are literal hell. We all have the same end goal (finishing!), but everyone’s experience is awesomely unique. I remember back to my first and second marathons: never had a finish line looked so lovely. As cheesy as it sounds, I pictured my Jesus standing there with arms spread wide, waiting for me to collapse into them.

That’s another thing about running, all these deep thoughts in just a 40 minute time span!

So, with the time ticking down and just a little over a day until the gun goes off on Marathon morning, here’s to You, God. May you receive all the glory and recognition, because it is overwhelming Yours to begin with.