IMG_20160422_154026101_HDRYesterday, Josh and I celebrated his 25th birthday. Perhaps one of my favorite qualities about Josh, is how easy to please he is. I took him out to happy hour at our favorite sushi joint in town, and we even got to sit on the back patio because it was so beautiful outside! To begin, we took “Sake bombs” together and then proceeded to stuff our faces with delicious sushi. He’s so fun to talk to, and a genuine joy to do life with.Snapchat-8032971552957909251


After dinner, we took a leisurely walk through campus so I could show him the flowers that had just bloomed.


We then walked downtown to take in our city’s tribute to New York’s 52nd Street. It’s an annual Jazz Festival with multiple venues for jazz bands and music of all sorts. We got sparkly fedoras and met up with friends and had an absolutely wonderful night.